Cheap Bangkok Hotels

If you are planning to visit Bangkok, you have made the right choice. Bangkok is a very exciting city and is also famous for its culture, attractions and delicious food. My way through Bangkok is so affordable. While you shop along the streets for garments, fruits or souvenirs, you may even bargain for the best price. For many individuals, the bargaining is the part they enjoy probably the most during the buying process.

=Bankok Serviced Apartments=

The majority of the hotels in Bangkok are surprisingly cheap, affordable and of very good quality. They are designed with full amenities, modern facilities and most of them come with useful services like free internet or free breakfast. You can expect spacious guest rooms and may request for either single or double bed with extra pillows without extra costs. Once you feel hungry in the middle of the night time, there is always the 24 hour room service at your command. If you like the service, it’s possible to give a 20 baht tip, that’s less than a dollar. There’s hardly anywhere else on earth that offers such good quality service at such affordable prices.

I would like to highlight 4 in the hotels I stayed in Bangkok recently. They are cheap and value for cash.

Ramada D MA Bangkok (3.5 Stars)

Located at Nakorn Luang Plaza 1091 388 Petchburi, Bangkok,Thailand

Includes full breakfast which is only about $57 per night

Prince Palace Hotel (3.5 Stars)

Located at 488 – 800 Bo Bae Tower, Damrongrak, Bangkok,Thailand

Includes full breakfast which is only about $38 per night

Silom City Hotel (3 Stars)

Found at 72 Soi Prachum (Silom 22), Bangkok,Thailand

Includes free wi-fi for only about $37 per night

Twin Towers Hotel (3 Stars)

Found at 88 Rong Muang, Bangkok,Thailand

Includes breakfast for just two for only about $39 every night

There are many travel portals on the net where you can search for hotel prices, locations and special promotional offers. It will always be best to plan for your trip and do some research on which hotels to stay in accordance with your budget, locations, check-in and check-out dates. Unless you have time to visit your travel agencies, booking your hotels on the internet is the best choice. Not only is it easier, it is also much cheaper and you’ll usually get free add-on services like high-speed internet and free breakfast without any extra cost if you were to book online.

=Bankok Serviced Apartments=


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